Tekin Süleyman

Senior Ruby & Rails Consultant

Driving licence:
Full (clean)
+44 (0) 7968 355 460

About me

Over the last two decades, I have:

I’ve also run my own club nights, DJ’d at festivals, cycled more miles than I can count and got a black belt in kung-fu.

Above all, I’m passionate about Ruby and working with teams to deliver well-written, sustainable software. I make effort to keep up to date with the latest practices, patterns and technologies, and understand that creating good software is as much about communication as it is about writing well-formed, testable, extensible code.

Technical Skills

Ruby & Rails Since 2009
Testing/TDD (RSpec, minitest, Capybara) Since 2009
JavaScript (JQuery, Backbone.js) Since 2000
Git Since 2011
SQL (Sqlite3, MySQL, PostgreSQL) Since 2000
HTML/CSS Since 2000
Linux (primarily Ubuntu/Debian) Since 2000

I’ve also had varying degrees of exposure to: AWS; Terraform; JSON Schema; Apache; Nginx; Event Machine; Redis; Memcache; Elastic Search; RabbitMQ; Puppet; SOAP; SPARQL; RDF; XMPP; AMQP; PHP; C/C++; Java.


MEng (Hons) 1st, Software Engineering

The University of Manchester (1997-2001)


Department for Education

Technical Lead (2019-2020)
I led a new team from a standing start to deliver a service that was able to start making payments to teachers in less than six month in an organisation that was only beginning to learn how to deliver digital services. Along the way we passed two GDS-style service assessments, achieved WCAG 2.1 AAA accessibility and paid out £3.4 million to teachers. (source code)

Crown Commercial Service

Technical Lead (2018-2019)
I joined this troubled project to replace a legacy system that is used by suppliers to report sales made to public sector organisations in the UK. The project had a small team, considerable scope and an ambitious delivery schedule. On top of that a complicated upfront architectural design was hampering the team’s ability to deliver. Over the course of several months I was able to drive the effort to manage the scope, phase the delivery, simplify the architecture and successfully deliver the replacement system.
(source code here and here)


Contract Software Engineer (2017-2018 & 2011-2012)
I completed two periods contracting with FreeAgent, working on their accounting software for freelancers and small business. Working independently and within their existing teams I delivered major features, including file attachment support and much of the backend/frontend code driving the new dashboard.


Contract Software Engineer & Tech Lead (2015-2017)
I was the first developer brought in at Co-op Digital to deliver digital services and help transform the organisation. I was responsible for building early prototypes for use in user research sessions and later lead the team that succesfully launched the organisation’s first digital service.

Government Digital Service (GDS)

Contract Software Engineer & Tech Lead (2013-2015)
GDS was pivotal in the transformation of how online public services are delivered. I was part of the team that helped transition hundreds of government websites to a single domain and was responsible for upgrading the central app from Rails 3 to 4. I also tech led the efforts to move to a more service-oriented architecture.

Crowd.fm Ltd

Founder & developer (2009-2016)
crowd.fm was my bootstrapped SaaS product for helping event promoters reach audiences online. Aside from the design and some of the UI I single-handedly conceived, built and brought crowd.fm to market. Although it gained a small but dedicated customer base it ultimately failed as a business. crowd.fm taught me a great deal about building, releasing and supporting online services, whilst also giving me a strong grounding in UI/UX, marketing/communication, sales and content creation.

Raid Associates Ltd

Founder & Technical Director (2000-2008)
As joint founder and sole developer I was responsible for all technical delivery of the agency’s projects and most of the client liason and project management. We grew Raid to a 4-person team, with clients including Adidas, Arts Council England and Cream. I left Raid in April 2008 to focus on full-time Ruby development.


Tekin worked with FreeAgent during 2012 and delivered several popular features. His positive and professional can-do attitude, strong technical expertise and ability to quickly gain domain knowledge were a real asset to the business. We’re sad to see him go!
Olly Heady, CTO, FreeAgent

Tekin is among the best developers I’ve ever worked with. Creative, capable and committed, Tekin brings intelligent challenge and can-do attitude in perfect balance to help you get the thing done and to do the thing right. He’s also highly personable and has the total respect of his peers. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.
Neil Williams, then Head of GOV.UK; now CDO of Croydon Council

Tekin’s deep understanding of engineering principles, along with his professional but friendly approach would make him an asset to any team.
Ric Roberts, CTO, Swirrl

Further references available on request.


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