Tekin Suleyman

Senior Ruby Consultant

Driving licence:
Full (clean)
+44 (0) 7968 355 460
[email protected]

Core Skills

Ruby & Rails 9 years
Testing/TDD (shoulda, rspec, capybara) 8 years
JavaScript (JQuery & Prototype) 14 years
Git 7 years
SQL (Sqlite3, MySQL, PostgreSQL) 14 years
HTML/CSS (HMTL5, CSS3) 14 years
Linux (primarily Ubuntu/Debian) 12 years

I’ve also had varying degrees of exposure to: Backbone.js; Apache; Nginx; Resque; Event Machine; Redis; Memcache; Elastic Search; RabbitMQ; Puppet; SPARQL; RDF; XMPP; AMQP; SVN; Flash; ActionScript; PHP; C/C++; Java.

About me

Over the last decade, I have:

I’ve also run my own club nights, DJ’d at festivals, cycled more miles than I can count, and got a black belt in kung-fu!

Above all, I’m passionate about Ruby and software development. I make an effort to keep up to date with the latest best practices, patterns and technologies, and I understand that creating good software is as much about communication as it is about writing well-formed, testable, extensible code.


MEng Software Engineering (1st class Hons)

The University of Manchester (UMIST) [ 1997 - 2001 ]
Areas of study included: Object Oriented Programming, Software Analysis and Design, Human Computer Interaction, Concurrent Systems, Formal Methods, Embedded Systems Development, Networking and Open Systems, Database Theory, Real-Time Systems, Distributed Systems and Internet Technology.

Professional Experience

Ruby and Rails Consulting

Freelance developer [ 2008 - Present ]
For the past two and a half years, I have contracted with GDS, working on GOV.UK as a Ruby developer. I mainly worked on the publishing tools for GOV.UK, including a period as technical lead of a team charged with moving the primary publishing tool to a new service-based architecture. Throughout 2012 I contracted with FreeAgent, working on their award-winning accounting software aimed at freelancers and small business. Working both independently and within their existing teams, I delivered a number of major new features. Before that, I freelanced as a Ruby on Rails developer for various companies, including:  Swirrl, where I helped to develop their Linked Data platform, PublishMyData;  Stardotstar, where I built high-traffic applications for television;  Wireless Grids, a startup where I developed an XMPP-based platform for co-ordinating collaborative music playlists;  StoreFu, where I prototype a new e-commerce platform; and Virtuaffinity, rescuing a Rails application gone astray.

In 2011, I developed and delivered a three-day course teaching Ruby and Rails to beginners at my local hackspace. The course took a group of 20 developers with little or no prior experience of Ruby and gave them a solid grounding in Ruby and Rails. Several students went on to have successful careers in the industry.

Prior to contracting, I was building e-commerce sites for private clients, including ranshop.co.uk (no longer in business), steranko.co.uk (now moved to Shopify) and solk-furniture.co.uk (still running 7 years later). These sites were built on a custom e-commerce platform, powered by a set of shared Rails engines I wrote.

Crowd.fm Ltd

Founder & developer [ 2009 - Present ]
crowd.fm is a web app that helps event promoters maximise online exposure for their events. Aside from the design and some of the UI, I singlehandedly conceived and built crowd.fm from scratch. It launched in May of 2012, and has since gained a small but dedicated user base. Creating crowd.fm taught me a great deal about building and releasing online services, and I acquired many skills beyond programming, including: UI/UX; marketing/communication; sales; and copywriting.

Raid Associates Ltd

Founder & Technical Director [ 2001 - 2008 ]
As joint founder and technical lead at Raid, I helped build a successful multimedia agency, providing web design, visual communication and 3D visualisation services. From humble beginnings in a spare room, Raid grew to a 4-man team, with clients that included: Adidas; Arts Council England; Contact Theatre; and Cream. As well as being the sole developer, I was responsible for much of the project management, client liaison and financial planning. I left Raid in April 2008 to focus on full-time Ruby development.

Visuality UK

Junior Programmer (part-time) [ 2000 - 2001 ]
I held a part-time position at this web technology company whilst completing my Masters degree, performing programming tasks with Flash ActionScript and building web-based 3D environments using a tool called Virtools.


Tekin is among the best developers I’ve ever worked with. Creative, capable and committed, Tekin brings intelligent challenge and can-do attitude in perfect balance to help you get the thing done and to do the thing right. He’s also highly personable and has the total respect of his peers. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.
Neil Williams, Head of GOV.UK

Tekin was a vital part of the GOV.UK team for 2 years, working in several of our product teams. His personable nature, impressive work ethic and deep knowledge of Ruby and Rails would be vital on their own, but together make a formidable package. I’d work with him again.
Bradley Wright, Head of Technology, Digital Group, GDS

Tekin worked with FreeAgent during 2012 and delivered several popular features. His positive and professional can-do attitude, strong technical expertise and ability to quickly gain domain knowledge were a real asset to the business. We’re sad to see him go!
Olly Heady, CTO, FreeAgent

It’s a personal failing that I can’t recommend any company, freelancer or contractor that I'm not 100% sure will do the best job they can in any circumstances. In Tekin’s case I need not hesitate. Hire.
Gez O’Brien, Chief Exec, Stardotstar

Tekin’s deep understanding of engineering principles, along with his professional but friendly approach would make him an asset to any team.
Ric Roberts, CTO, Swirrl

Further references available on request.


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