06 Jul 2018

Resources for creating useful revision histories

I gave a talk at Brighton Ruby today on revision histories and code maintainability. I’ll share the video here once it’s published. In the meantime, here are some resources to help you level up your practice and create useful revision histories.

Get Off the Tightrope by Tom Stuart

A great talk from Tom Stuart in which he outlines remedies and strategies for dealing with large problems, including advice on how history hygiene can help. Highly recommend.

Telling Stories Through Your Commits by Joel Chippindale

Another great talk, this time from Joel Chippendale of Future Learn covering similar ideas to those covered in my talk.

A Note About Git Commit Messages by Tim Pope

This for me is the canonical blog post on how to write good commit messages. Essential reading.

Small Commits for Fun and Profit Part 1 and Part 2

Two fantastic blog posts that detail how to shape commits using git add --patch, git commit --amend and git rebase --interactive.


A really useful website full of Git tips for common problems and questions you might have.

10 Git tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

More tips, this time from myself. This is a write-up of a lightning talk I gave at my local Ruby meetup.

How to Write the Perfect Pull Request

Another fantastic blog post on putting together the perfect pull request.