A small sample of projects I've helped deliver over the years.

  • crowd.fm

    Back in 2009 I had the idea for a service that would help people running events get them listed across listings sites and social media with a single click. Three years later crowd.fm launched. It even managed to secure some happy paying customers. Ultimately the business failed, but I learnt a metric ton about building and launching software products along the way.

  • Co-op Digital wills service

    I was tech lead on The Co-op’s first live digital service. Whilst quite simple in terms of actual software, the project itself was a complicated one that took a lot of effort to get live, mostly because The Co-op as an organisation had a more traditional IT function and was not used to shipping agile and iterative software projects.


  • Report Management Information, Crown Commercial Service

    I joined this troubled project as tech lead to help get it shipped. The project had a small team, considerable scope and an ambitious delivery schedule. On top of that a complicated upfront architectural design was having a big impact on the team’s ability to deliver. Over the course of several months I was able to work with the team to adjust the scope, simplify the architecture, and successfully deliver the project.